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1 CGFX Bux: MARKET on 2/5/2012, 4:46 pm


GFX Team
GFX Team
This page will show all of the products that we will sell in exchange for your CGFX Bux. "We" includes the GFX team on the site full of professional designers. If you want amateur work, you can just post a simple thread with a request. In order for your to purchase your product, you must message an Admin (TheBtotheJ) telling them:

1) What the product is (EX: Forum Avatar)
2) What the price of the product is (EX: 300 CGFX Bux)
3) What you want on the product (EX: Words, Colors, Pictures, etc.)

Once the message is received, an Admin will take away the required CGFX Bux from your account and send you your product.


Forum Avatar = 300 CGFX Bux
Forum Signature = 400 CGFX Bux
Custom Forum Tag/Rank = 500 CGFX Bux
YouTube Background + Profile Picture = 800 CGFX Bux
Desktop Wallpaper = 800 CGFX Bux
*Clan/Team Package = 1,200 CGFX Bux
...More to come in the future!

*Package will include 1 YouTube Background for the Clan/Team Channel, 1 Profile Picture for the Clan/Team Channel, and up to 10 Profile Pictures for the Clan/Team members

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2 Re: CGFX Bux: MARKET on 2/6/2012, 12:23 am

SloW Burn

SloW Burn
Can u explain them in more detail. What each is.

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